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Classic Roll Up

Classic Roll Up

Roll-ups are a classic Pilates exercise and perfecting the roll up sets the stage for even more advanced exercises.  Roll ups stretch the spine and hamstrings and engage the transversus and rectus abdominis.  The focus for this exercise is the articulation of the spine while drawing the abdominals deeply towards the spine. 

1. Start lying on back with legs straight, fingertips over shoulders.  The spine is in neutral position and the shoulder blades are released into the floor and away from the ears.

2. Inhaling reach the arms back towards the ears keeping the ribcage down.

3. Exhaling, bring the arms back over the shoulders and begin to roll up the spine vertebra by vertebra.  You will move from neutral to imprinted spine when your roll up progresses to the lower back.

4. Stay in c-curve as you reach the arms forward toward the toes.  Reach only as far as your hamstrings and back muscles will comfortably allow.

5. Inhale and bring the shoulders over the hips while shifting pelvis into neutral alignment.

6. Beginning in neutral pelvis exhale to shift back to sacrum rounding out the lower back

7. Roll down the spine vertebra by vertebra starting with the lower back exhaling as you go.

8. Control the movement all the way down to the shoulders allowing the head to come to the floor and finishing in neutral alignment.  Your end position should be the same as your start position.

Perform 6 reps with control!

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