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Hamstring Stretch-Stand

Standing hamstring stretch:

In teaching, I have noticed one of  the tightest areas for most people is the hamstrings.  Tight hamstrings can affect the back, knees, hips and more!  This exercise is a safe way to stretch the hamstrings without putting stress on the lower back.  Increasing flexibility in the hamstrings takes perserverance and consistency.

1. Stand facing a wall an arm's reach away

2. Fold foward from the hips and reach into the wall - step feet back so arms are straight.  The back is in neutral position and legs are straight.

3. The lower back should not round out but remains in neutral position. 

4. Breathe deeply into the ribcage and draw navel to spine on each exhale.  Hold 1-2 minutes.

5. This stretch can be done every day.  As flexibility increases you will be able to reach farther down the wall while maintaining a flat back.
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