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Oblique Rollup

Oblique Roll Up

1. Begin lying on back with legs straight and mat-width apart. Toes should be pointing up towards the ceiling and heels pressing into the floor. Reach arms over shoulders fingers pointing towards the ceiling and palms facing each other. Bring palms together and press shoulder blades down to the mat. Feel the connection of the back of the ribs into the mat and the pelvis should be in neutral position. Breath pattern is inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth. The roll-up will occur during exhalation, roll-down on inhalation.

2. Inhale to prepare and exhale beginning to roll up off center reaching the hands towards the right leg. The left shoulder blade should leave the mat first. You will begin the movement in neutral, but will shift into imprint has the roll-up progresses to the lumbar spine. Notice the feeling of articulation through the ribcage.

3. If you are able to roll up to the lumbar spine, lift the right leg up as you reach forward with the arms. You must have an imprinted lumbar to lift the leg. The abs stay scooped into the spine and the shoulders stay anchored down the spine. The pelvis stays in a tilted or "c-curve" position at the top of the exercise- don't come up to the sitz bones.

4. Begin to roll down the spine one vertebra at a time and allow the right leg to lower to the floor once the lumbar spine reaches the mat. Complete the roll down again noticing the articulation through the ribcage until both shoulders come to the mat and the arms are once again reaching towards the ceiling. 

 5. Repeat the exercise reaching towards left leg. Continue to alternate sides for a total of 6 reps for each side.
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